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Councillor Interests Forms

We are required to include information to accessing interests for all parish councillors on our website. Councillors are asked to complete a declaration of interests form, which includes all information required to be disclosed under the Disclosable Pecuniary Interest Regulations 2012, and any other interests the Councillor wishes to disclose. Some interests are considered to be “sensitive” and, therefore, are not listed on the declaration of interest form.  These forms are returned to South Norfolk Council and the information is held by them.

Should you wish to see Councillors interests forms, please contact the Monitoring Officer at South Norfolk Council or the following link


Council Policies and Procedures


Code of Conduct 07 12

Community Engagement Strategy v2

Complaints procedure v2

disciplinary procedures v1

Equal Opportunities v2

Filming at Council meetings v1


FOI publication scheme v2

FOI Publication Schemes – Core classes and docs v2

Grant Awarding Policy v2

Grievance procedure v1

Media Relations Policy v3



SAM2 risk assessment 03 15

sickness absence policy v1

social network policy v3



Training Policy v2

Travel and Expenses Policy v2.docx


Insurance Certificates

Insurance until August 2013

Barnham Broom Parish Council – EL Cert 2013

Insurance to August 2015

Insurance Certificate 2015

Insurance 16 17