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WiSpire Public Consultation – Barnham Broom


After discussions with the public, WiSpire Ltd has agreed that it will run its 28 day public consultation period again to ensure that the community is satisfied that the proper procedure has taken place. Public notices will be displayed at the notice board by the village shop, in the church entrance and another on the church grounds from the 17th October 2012.


WiSpire would like to state that it is not our intention to keep this from the public in any way as we would like the community of Barnham Broom to embrace the service that we will be providing.


If anyone would like to ask WiSpire any questions about the service we are looking to provide then we ask that you send your enquires to rob.george@wispire.co or call 08451 800 026. If any objections of the works need to be made then this will have to be sent to the contact displayed on the public notice.


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