Faster Broadband

Why does fast broadband matter so much?
Whether you’re a business, charity, family or community group, fast broadband opens up a wealth of opportunities which rural communities are otherwise excluded from. By connecting people in remote rural areas it is a powerful force for opportunity, social mobility and empowerment –enabling people who couldn’t otherwise access new opportunities, opening up new ways of delivering public services, helping Norfolk’s small businesses access wider markets, and supporting more family friendly-work and less commuting.

The truth is, broadband is crucial to the renaissance of a vibrant rural economy and community here in rural Norfolk, and our ability to have new opportunities AND keep our traditional way of life. That’s why, over the last 4 years, through The Norfolk Way ( and now as an MP, I’ve been working hard to secure the investment we need.

It is great that by working together local councils and MPs have secured a £60m investment from Government, County council and private sector partners. BUT as the fibre installation is planned, the danger is that the level of untapped demand for broadband in rural Norfolk is not picked up and the investment will go to the city and major towns – reinforcing the barriers to rural enterprise.

What can we do?

All of us who want to see and use fast broadband in rural Norfolk have to register our appetite for it on a new website set up to show the telecoms companies how much potential use there would be in rural Norfolk.

Please can you now take 2 minutes to do two things:
1. click on this link on my website: or direct on the Say Yes site:

2. Forward this email and the link to as many people as you can in Norfolk to encourage them to register.

I am today launching a major drive to get as many people as possible to sign up – with a piece in the EDP tomorrow, an interview on Radio Norfolk, and a twitter and Facebook link to help encourage sign-up. To stay in touch please follow my page on facebook: or Twitter:!/freeman_george

Best Wishes,


George Freeman MP
Member of Parliament for Mid-Norfolk

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
020 7219 0219

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