Barnham Broom Parish Council


All correspondence regarding the Park Project or any other issue emanating from any individual Councillor should be taken as being made in their personal capacity.

Any official comments from the Parish Council will be made by either the Chair or the Clerk using the normal channels.

For more information please refer to the media relations policy or contact the Clerk or Chair.

Many Thanks

Heidi Frary, Clerk to the Parish Council


The Council normally meets in Barnham Broom Village Hall on the second Thursday of every month at 7:30

Barnham Broom Parish Council is made of up of 7 Councillors agedĀ 18 or older who either live, work or own property in Barnham Broom or within 3 miles.

The Parish Council was last up for Election in 2011 and is elected every 4 years, the next election being in May 2015.

Barnham Broom Parish Council was created as a result of the 1894 Local Government Act.

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